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We created www.WeLoveCougars.com to provide the most user-friendly reviews of the best cougar dating sites. Why would we do this? Simply because going online is one of the easiest ways to meet older women who are interested in dating younger men.

And if you’re here, you know how beneficial it can be to be in a relationship with an older woman who has the emotional maturity and the life experience to be able to hold her own in life as well as in romance.

The only problem is – where do you meet these women? There are beautiful, older women everywhere but many of them are simply not interested in dating out of their age range. This is where cougar dating sites come in.

Thanks to the Internet, it’s made meeting a wide selection of stunning, worldly, smart women a helluva lot easier. And we intend to make it even better by providing a full guide to the best cougar dating sites as well as the most comprehensive guide to succeed at dating older women.