11 Reasons Why Every Man Should Date A Cougar At Least Once

Cougar Dating Tips

Dec 12

I may be a little biased when I say that every man should date a cougar at least once in their life. You see, I’ve always been attracted to older women and this attraction dates far back before the terms “hot cougar” or “milf” started circulating in the common vernacular.

My attraction isn’t based on common stereotypes about older woman younger man relationships that people still think of today – in fact, I suspect some of us lucky men are just hard wired to prefer our ladies a little older, a little wiser and a little more experienced.

But about the rest of the male population? Well, as much as I don’t want to crowd the cougar dating scene with more men, I also don’t want guys to miss out on the opportunity of having dating an older woman. ‘Cause as every man who’s been with an awesome, attractive older lady will tell you: it can be a life-changing experience.

Here are reasons why every man – yea, every single one of you – should date an older woman at least once!

No more clinginess

Many older women describe their late teens and early 20s as the “wilderness period.” These are the stages of life where girls just don’t know themselves. And since they don’t yet know what they want out of life or what they should be doing with their lives, they do the next best thing: focus on YOURS. All the freakin’ time.

While you’re out and about with your buddies, she’s psychoanalyzing that last text you sent her, she’s drawing parallels between your behavior and all the other boys she’s known, she’s scrolling through your Facebook friends for cute girls who might be competition, and then she’s texting you to see where you are, why you aren’t spending more time with her and so on and so on.

This is a lot more trouble than we deserve, especially when you can date a couple years older and skip this unnecessary drama.

She doesn’t stress the small things

When you’re young, everything seems like a mighty big deal. Older women, though, have been through enough of life to understand that the world doesn’t end when you don’t immediately respond to her text.

Plus, she’s pretty busy with her own life to stress over the tiniest little things.

And that’s the beauty of being with an older woman – she’s lived and learned that the small things just don’t matter.  If she’s older and wiser, she’s also fine-tuned the ability to see the humor in most situations – and that makes her a pleasure to be around. 

No annoying acronyms

This is just a personal pet peeve of mine but I know plenty of other folk who can’t stand what certain – ahem, younger – generations have done to the English language. The chances of an older lady replying to your texts with something like “TBH, IDK (inset emoji) YOLO!!!” is pretty slim. So the chances of you thinking, “SMH…FML” is also pretty slim.

And this butchering of our beautiful language is just an offshoot of everything else that comes with it. Like, checking the damn phone every single minute and needing to take pictures of every single thing you guys will ever eat. No older woman I’ve ever dated has done this to me. Chances are, she won’t do this to you, either. They’re the last good ones left.

No shoot downs

Every man has experienced the humiliation that comes from walking up to a cute girl, just to say hi – maybe to politely let her know she’s got something in her teeth – and even though you’re perfectly nice, she treats you like you’re a creep who’s crawled out of a cave and is now furiously masturbating in front of her.

Of course, not all young woman are like this – but many of them are. They’re so used to men perving on her from all the time that they automatically assume you’re a douche and they can treat you like dirt.

The wonderful thing about older women is they’ve also been hit on their whole lives…but they’ve also developed the emotional maturity to consider other people’s perspectives and the grace to let people down gently, even when they’re not interested.

Extra perk? Many older women are acutely aware of the double standard of older men being attracted to younger women so when the script is flipped and a younger man hits on her – she’s more likely to feel flattered.

She knows what she wants

Of course, we can’t blame younger women for not knowing – or not being clear – about exactly what she wants. Society discourages women from coming off as too aggressive, too assertive, which creates a whole lot of young women who feel they have to ambivalate on everything.

It gets pretty annoying.

Thankfully, by the time women are in their 30s, 40s and beyond – they’ve stopped giving a crap. They know enough about themselves, what turns them on, what doesn’t and they’re mostly beyond caring about what other people think about this. It’s utterly refreshing to be with a woman who you don’t need mind reading powers to be with. Try it.

She’s experienced life

The best thing about older women – but also the most intimidating – is that she’s experienced a lot of life, possibly a lot more than you have.

Maybe she’s been married and had kids but even if she hasn’t gone that route, she’s had plenty of relationships that went wrong for a variety of reasons, friendships that began and ended, a business that she’s created from the ground up, travel experiences to place you haven’t heard of and so on.

And thanks to all that experience…

Your conversations are awesome

Sure, sex with older women is a lot of fun but sex only lasts so long. So if you don’t like hanging out with them, it’s not going to be a good experience.

And I can honestly say that hanging out with an older woman – whether it’s lying in bed afterwards or grabbing a bite to eat – is a sheer pleasure. She’s had plenty of experience, she can hold her own, she knows how and when to listen, how to give balanced, wise advice and generally, how to be great company.

Once you’ve experienced the joys of bantering with an attractive, funny older woman after a round of hot sex – you’ll never look back.

She’s not part of the crowd

Quite possibly the most annoying thing about younger women is that most of them just can’t make up their minds…without the help of everyone she knows.

Did her friends say something bad about you? Do her friends think she shouldn’t be doing something? Wearing something? Well, she’s going to let everyone in her life make the decisions for her.

Older women just don’t do this. She’s literally a big girl and she makes her own decisions. Sure, she’s got friends she relies on but she doesn’t let them live her life for her.

She doesn’t need you, she wants you

There is nothing sexier than knowing that a woman can do everything for herself…and yet she still wants you in her life simply because you make it better.

An older woman has been in relationships and she’s been single, she’s been broke and she’s been well off – in essence, she’s experienced the ups and downs of life and she’s learned how to navigate her own path. Chances are good that she knows how to budget her checkbook, how to fix the leaky sink (or who to call), how to deal with a family emergency, etc – all without breaking down.

That’s a load of stress off your plate when you don’t have to constantly fix everything for your girlfriend – and leaves a lot more room for pleasure.

You gain a different perspective

We tend to make friends with people like us, who are around the same age as us, who think like us, who have similar interests and so on. Which means most of us aren’t very exposed to thoughts and perspectives outside our own.

This changes when you’re dating an older women. Just the fact that she’s from a different generation than you, that she’s experienced a time before you is enough to allow for interesting perspective shifts.

She can make you a better man

What do all of the above perks add up to? The experience of a lifetime – one, that if you choose to learn from, can make you a better man. An older woman is going to challenge you, she’s going to break the norms you’ve learned about what dating is, and ultimately, you’re going to be a better man for the experience.

So go out there and get yourself a date with an older woman – your future self will thank you.

Okay, so dating a cougar is a no-brainer…but why would an older, experienced woman want to spend her time with a younger man? Find out here!

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