How to Attract Older Women: 5 Tips for Picking Up Cougars

Cougar Dating Tips

Oct 18

Searching the Internet for tips on how to attract older women? If you’re a young guy and have a “thing” for mature ladies, whether you call them cougars, milfs, your sexy teacher or “your best friend’s mom,” then you really only have won half the battle.

Because believe it or not, not all older women are going to jump at the chance to date a young stud.

Sure, it helps if you look like Channing Tatum, but not all men can make that claim, so please don’t strip off your undies and shake it until you’ve learned exactly how to succeed at picking up cougars. It may be a bit of work but dating a cougar is definitely worth it.

Don’t be afraid of eye contact

In fact, try to be caught staring and then man up, showing confidence and definite interest.

A shy guy’s first mistake is avoiding detection. Even if an older beauty spots you looking, if you freak out and look away she will feel a bit like a cradle-robber, even if you’re of age. She wants to know that you’re interested in her and not ashamed of it.

For the best results, be bold and direct. She can’t feel flattered unless a young man is forward and yes, a bit too forward and fresh. She has to sense immediately that you’re attracted and want her.

Be playful and don’t try too hard to be mature

Another common mistake that young guys make is that they try to flirt like old men! Come on, man, use your youth! Young men have a higher level of energy than the elders of their gender and this is part of the charm that a cougar finds fascinating.

Be playful and flirty and use that boyish charm to get her attention. If you stay fun and positive you will be a fresh change from most men her own age who are trying too hard to be respectable.

Be confident in yourself and in your purpose

Older women find that young dreamers are the most attractive lovers, since they have a specific purpose. They have ambition and they know what they want.

Whether it’s in the arts, sciences, or a unique career path, your “character” or persona will be one of the sexiest things about you.

On the other hand, men that don’t know where they’re going or who are juvenile in their perspectives (no dreams, no goals, too eager to worship the woman) don’t seem to impress confident cougars. Men who don’t have a plan are boys and most older women do not like boys.

Maybe some of the psychos out there have a mother-son complex going on, true, but that’s certainly not the norm! Plus, you want to avoid those types of cougars, don’t you?

Be mature and “special” for your age

Part of effortlessly attracting a beautiful cougar’s attention is to project yourself as an exciting young lover who is special – different from the men your own age. If you were to research your fellow “cubs” you would better understand why YOU have to be different.

There’s no need to waste all that time conducting a survey. To put it simple: most guys your age are dumb, horny and put way too much emphasis on looks, machismo and persistence.

So be opposite of that. You are mature for your age, since your competition is brain dead. You are as smart as a man her age, but virile, young and ambitious like someone half her age. The combination of something “special” from the norm and a personality that’s intellectually appealing and surprisingly mature, will be too much to resist. It’s the key to successfully picking up cougars.

Make her feel young again

Even the most confident alpha female feels nostalgic about aging. So don’t dwell on the age difference as if it’s some elephant in the room that must be broached constantly. Instead, be flattering and passionate. Let her know that you want her and are chasing her because you can’t help yourself!

No reverse psychology is needed. Older women usually don’t play mind games and you don’t have to send any back-handed compliments.

Be sincere and passionate. Project every thought and sensation you feel in the way you speak; move your body and the way you talk. She will definitely feel a connection…and then treat you like the young piece of meat you know you want to be!

Don’t be crude…be classy

Don’t make the mistake of being crass, thinking it’s every cougar’s dream to be approached by a handsome young stud and dirty-talked into submission. Sure, the thought of stranger sex may have crossed her mind but her attraction will depend – not on your outward lust – but on how well you carry that attraction. Does it bring out the best in you or just create more awkward tension?

Be calm, conversational and let your mutual attraction guide the conversation, rather than letting your lust get the better of you. There’s no need to jump into topics of sex. No need to wink or use cheesy pickup lines. Be like James Bond and communicate your attraction with eloquence, self-control and positive energy.

In many respects, charming an older woman is like charming any woman – you just have to try a little harder because she is what you might call a champion of dating. And in return for the extra challenge, older woman ARE usually receptive to young guys who make a genuine effort.

They don’t have as many hang-ups or “filtering processes” as younger women who care more about power than play. Older women are ready to play…are you?

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