9 Best Places to Meet Cougars

Cougar Dating Tips

Nov 09

You’re ready to rumble with the older woman of your dreams…there’s only one problem: you don’t know where to meet cougars.

Sure, you see lovely older women everywhere you go…at grocery stores, on the highway and filling up on gasoline. But these aren’t really opportune times to meet a milf, are they? No guy actually just approaches people in broad daylight, does he? Isn’t that a little creepy?

Yes and no. While it is true that a man should always be ready for opportunity, it wouldn’t be completely honest to say that it’s EASY to approach a woman when her mind is distracted, and she’s thinking of what to make for dinner and not so much hot young dude making a move on her.

This is why many younger men choose the location wisely, because asking someone in unfamiliar territory – where vibes are not very positive – usually results in a kind but instant rejection. Not to worry…here are 6 places where you might actually meet a cougar in her natural habitat.

Meet Cougars in…Bars or Clubs

Still the easiest answer, and while it’s not always the ideal place for shy or anti-social young guys, it’s still going to give you better odds of hitting a home run than say, hanging out at Arby’s and hoping for a miracle.

Bars and clubs are actually better places for one night stands than real relationships. This is where women come to be ogled, get drunk, dance and flirt mindlessly, so don’t be surprised if you’re rejected ten times, maybe get some numbers, or once in a blue moon, go home with a very uninhibited, attractive older woman who would have probably went home with Napoleon Dynamite if she had enough to drink.

Meet Cougars in…Night Classes

You know that AA meetings don’t count as a great place to meet women, right? Okay good. Night classes, however, another nighttime activity where you meet other people and interact over a specific activity is actually a great idea.

One of the most recurring problems singles have is establishing some common ground in a fast-paced environment. Attending a night class brings you together with someone who shares your interest and will be going through the same learning experience as you.

Meet Cougars in…Parks (Dogs Help)

Parks are a great place to make small talk and take in the lovely scenery of a cougar or hot milf…but you have to have a dog. It’s just too creepy to be a loner and approach a woman in a strange and unsecure place. However, if you’re walking a lovable and friendly dog it immediately puts a woman at ease.

Animals are always a safe topic to explore that doesn’t demand lots of heavy flirting right away.

Seriously, older women are so inclined to talk to men with dogs that some desperate guys out there literally borrow dogs just so they can scam their way to a date. Don’t be desperate…just get a dog. Dogs are lovable, dude and they are so sweet and affectionate they will help you get in touch with your own humanity. And yes, they are cougar-magnets as well, so it’s win-win!

Meet Cougars in…Gyms

Gyms are like the new bar scene – they’re a great place to attract women and to approach women. It must be all the endorphins in the air, not to mention all those tight yoga pants and sweaty bodies heaving in and out – reminds us all of what we would all rather be doing!

Gyms are good at bringing together people of all ages. Not only that but you both immediately have something in common: fitness and health.

One way to break the ice is to offer assistance with an older woman’s workout. Naturally, complimenting their fitness is an effective way to open up that sexual tension between the two of you. If you’re new to the gym scene, you can ask her for advice on how to work the machines, or tips that have helped her.

Then, the next time you see her casually ask her out for a drink or for coffee. It’s really a fairly calm and laid back experience, especially when compared to the noise of a club / bar.

Meet Cougars in…Restaurants…as a Waiter!

One of the best ways to attract older women while they’re at their “best” and ready to flirt is by working in a restaurant or bar as a waiter. Cougars tend to like waiters who are friendly and who show off just a little bit by being charming, witty, attentive and flattering.

Older women come to have drinks, or brunch, or dinner with friends. You can earn a lot of points if you remember their names, recall what their favorite drinks are, and be flirty in a subtle way. The keyword is subtle. If you try too hard, you will turn them off and probably piss off the boss while you’re at it!

But the upside of it is, if you don’t like the “heavy come on” taking a job as a waiter / bartender is a great way to meet someone, flirt a little bit, and then let THEM make the first move.

Meet Cougars in…Coffee Shops

Coffee shops are a laidback environment, similar to the dynamic of a bar but with morning pep! A coffee shop plus Internet café offers a relaxed environment with a natural ice breaker – what kind of latte do you recommend? A nice place to strike up conversation, especially in the mornings.

Just be sure to bring a laptop or tablet so you can look busy and not look like a stalker.

Meet Cougars on…Vacation

There is something about vacation that just makes cougars and sexy older women feel uninhibited and dangerous. Why not? They’re in a luxurious environment, probably around people they don’t know and don’t have to “act” around, and they’re probably feeling pampered and very relaxed.

Why wouldn’t they desire some No-Strings-Attached fun with an adventurous young man?

Now this does cost some small investment, but come on…beaches, fancy dinners, lush hotel rooms, it’s cougar heaven. If you can’t quite afford an exotic vacation, try a weekend getaway at a rock concert. If you choose a band that was big in the 80s or 90s, you might actually find a cougar that is more attune to your sense of style, music and creativity. Rock and roll is like a language, you know?

Meet Cougars…Online

It’s almost a cliché to say online dating and yes, it’s generally a waste of time to look for milfs or cougars on the majority of the so-called cougar dating sites out there that have been exposed for having fake profiles.

That being said, if you know where to go – online dating is hands down the best way to meet cougars who actually want to date you.

For the best results, be funny, be available, have a good picture and try talking about something other than sex. If you can manage this, you’ll be more interesting than 75 percent of all the other guys sending messages.

Meet Cougars in…Nursing Homes

No, this isn’t as sleazy as it sounds, promise! We’re not recommending you pick up Shirley MacLaine-esque senior. Rather, why not try volunteering or finding a job helping senior citizens in need? Not only is it a decent thing to do and a positive action that will benefit your local community, but it’s also worth noting that some of these residents have daughters or granddaughters in their 30s, 40, and 50s.

Older women will be very appreciative of a volunteer worker who enjoys talking to the residents and who is kind-hearted and patient. While you might think such an emotional environment is more conducive to long-term serious relationships, it’s not always true. Some older women are just interested in sex, fun and romance, not family entanglements required. Just be respectful of the woman and her family and always be honest.

It’s not always easy to approach a beautiful older woman in every situation, but these 9 hot cougar meet spots are better environments to try, and you might be surprised at the success you find.

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