Do Older Women Like Younger Men? Yes, Here’s 6 Reasons Why

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Nov 10

The recent cougar phenomenon has a bunch of curious folks wondering, “Do older women like younger men?” Sure, men are drawn to attractive women in general, no matter what their age, but why would an older women like younger men?

Well, it turns out cougars seeking cubs is not just in the average boy’s horny imagination after all. While the average young man may think of his hot schoolteacher and cougar fantasies as taboo, the truth is that a lot of older women feel the same attraction for a younger lover.

They crave the attention as much as the stallion craves the challenge.

While it’s cliché to say that it’s a midlife crisis, or just the effect of Hollywood’s influence on sexuality, the truth may be far more scientific. Here are 6 reasons why older women go for younger men – minus the usual stereotypes.

Without taboo, there’s compatibility

It’s been the norm for women to date older men and men to date younger men. Crisscrossing these age lines was seen as taboo…until now. And you know what younger man-older woman relationships are proving everyday? When age is not a taboo, more actual compatibility can be found.

A doctor told ABC News that the May-December phenomenon could simply be the result of society lifting the taboo, and allowing older women to search through more romantic possibilities of younger ages rather than just sifting through older men.

Some couples with age differences are simply soul mates and have comparable goals, life experiences and upbringing. They are compatible in every respect and just happen to have a red hot sex life too.

Sexual peaks are better matched

Older women tend to peak in their later thirties and sometimes into their forties. Men peak younger.

According to one finding, women peak at age 35, but men peak at 18. This leaves a glaring discrepancy between the sexual capacity of both genders. Now, with more mature women getting healthy and feeling sexy again, they’re peaking for years on end, sometimes into their forties and beyond.

Women want partners who can match them in quantity and quality and so they seek out men who are peaking in their teens and twenties rather than men who are slowly descending.

Some women like playing the teacher

Whereas men in their 40s and 50s usually have a set sexual routine, older women enjoy the open mind of a young lover who is willing to follow the teacher wherever she goes.

Younger men are more open to sexual experimentation and more open-minded in general, as regards to going out, having fun, taking chances and engaging in high emotional experiences.

Older women enjoy pleasing younger men and teaching them new things about themselves they didn’t even know. The allure between teacher and student is an age old taboo and still has plenty of spark. This is the natural state of humanity, as statistically speaking (AARP poll), mature women are more inclined to admire the aesthetic of youth and so a third of all women ages 40 and up do date younger men.

Younger men are not only more flexible and teachable but they also tend to be in better shape thanks to superior metabolism, younger skin and more active lifestyles.

Oh yes and of course they also have a full head hair that’s fun to grab!

There’s far less pressure for commitment

Older women like the fact that younger men don’t want to settle down right away, but crave excitement, intimacy and exploration. Whereas younger women may want children from ages 20-35 (during their fertility peak) older women may be free of motherhood responsibilities, or all family responsibilities, and be financially secure as well.

This means she wants sex…she wants conversation…she wants emotional and intellectual stimulation. That’s also what men crave and during their youth they might not even think too seriously about family. It’s all timed perfectly.

Older women want to feel young and foolish with the right guy

Older women can’t well make mistakes with a “respectable man”…but with a boy who has no fear and barely any limits, it’s much easier to enjoy a spontaneous relationship of attraction and unpredictability.

When partners are evenly matched in age and experience they tend to present their “best foot forward.”

However, they are both inhibited in a way and that’s why younger lovers can bring out the “youthful streak” in a mature lover, that she might be embarrassed to explore otherwise. They can go drinking, let loose, take chances and do things they never thought possible because of the rush of “young love.”

In other words, being with a younger man changes the older woman’s perception of herself. By spending time around a younger lover, she can actually feel younger and start to think and act like a younger woman – allowing herself the joy of nostalgia.

Older women finally have the green light

Older women now feel they have “permission” to pursue their pleasure and that’s wonderful – finally! Only recently has society really lightened up on mature women and removed the stigma of these May-December relationships.

Thanks to a cultural and sexual revolution, as well as high profile celebrity couples and the depiction in TV/movies, it’s “in style” for mature women to think outside the box and explore their more complicated sexuality.

Years ago, a woman was called dirty or predatory for even thinking about this type of relationship. A new wave of feminism has helped us to realize that women can be just as sexual as men and do not have to confuse love and marriage with their desires for sex.

Just as an older man can carry a young trophy wife on his shoulder, so too can a cougar parade around a trophy boyfriend if both are happy in the relationship. Society is allowing it to happen without judgment and many women are now discovering that a healthy sex drive never has to fade. It just gets better with time!

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